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August 2 - 4, 2019


 “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

-Rudyard Kipling


Since the earliest days humans gathered around campfires, the act of stringing words into stories - like the beading of a necklace - has been one of our most powerful tools. And yet, in a world dominated by digital displays and rapid-fire communication, we may be losing touch with the deeper, more personal connections between people and place.

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Asking these questions and more, The Common Ground Project is inviting students (ages 17 and up) to freely explore what we have in common with each other and the natural world. STUDENTS + STORYTELLING is an experience that offers insight on how to shape and tell our stories (both individual and cultural), and listen to the stories of others. In collaboration with One Montana, this two and a half day retreat – led by storytelling enthusiasts and wilderness guides – will introduce a variety of cultural narratives distinct to the Rocky Mountain West. We will draw from Montana’s rich history of stories about place; Inspired by writers such as Wallace Stegner, William Kittredge, and Annick Smith.

STUDENTS + STORYTELLING delves into deeper understandings of “Self” and the broad connections that exist between people and landscapes. We’re calling on inspired young leaders to be a part of this powerful experience through the art of spoken and written storytelling.   

The experience includes tipi camping, guided hikes, equine-assisted therapy, campfire discussions and lessons in wildlife biology, natural history, and more. Together we will share adventure, campfires, and stories enhanced by the beautiful and wild landscape of Tom Miner Basin.

A bit more on the experience…

We are opening invitations to a wide variety of participants, from 17 years of age all the way up to 30+. We also have intentionally limited the available spaces to 8 participants + our own self selected group of guides who will help facilitate the experience. Our goal is to provide a highly engaging experience, dynamic, and intimate in design. We also only have two and a half days to play with, so our goal is to offer an experience where everyone involved has the chance to slow down, delve deeper into the creative aspects of storytelling, and nurture powerful new relationships with the other participants.

It is our hope that each participant leaves feeling empowered and part of a community of thoughtful and engaged people… the type of folks who will remain in contact with one another, learn from each other, and remain connected for years to come.

Through generous contributions from our local community, this year’s S + S Experience is sponsored!!

(Please note: Participants are responsible to pay for travel costs to and from Tom Miner Basin. Aside from travel, we have you covered!)

This year’s STUDENTS + STORYTELLING retreat will be led by the gifted, Becca Frucht.

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Becca is a self-ascribed "Tumbleweed Queen" whose eclectic personal and professional journey has taken her from the red carpet to the Rocky Mountains. Becca’s recent adventures in the American West were first ignited by a family trip to Yellowstone and an Outward Bound experience in Montana, the wild state she now calls home. Becca loves telling stories almost as much as living them -- she's shared escapades onstage for hit shows like NPR's "The Moth" (she performed all over LA and won the Denver StorySlam). She fervently believes "oversharing is caring" so she's most passionate about coaching others to "hone and own" their narratives and speak their truth.


Dates: AUGUST 2 - 4, 2019

Number of Students: 8

Cost Per Student: $0.00

(Registration is closed!)

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